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Captains Beds

Captains beds are the perfect solution for a bed that effectively has three handy uses: you can sleep on them, of course, you can also put away clothes or other things in the built in drawers, and you can pull out a second bed for a guest to stay over.

Captains beds were originally designed to fit into the small and cramped spaces of ships’ cabins but now come in all sorts of sizes and are made of many different types of materials.  Captains beds are well worth considering if floor space is tight in a room.  It may be that the room itself is not particularly big or that there are a number of other pieces of furniture taking up space.  A captains bed can fit neatly into relatively small spaces as well as providing additional storage and that all-important spare bed.

Children like the idea of this type of bed because its storage spaces offer the opportunity to organise and put away favourite toys and other important possessions such as books, shoes or clothes.  Most exciting is the possibility of a having a friend come and stay the night and having an extra bed so easily available.

Captains beds are not just for children though.  Nowadays they come in many different sizes, even though the original concept was to make a small bed.  They can be found as king or queen beds, double beds and twin beds as well.  Naturally the larger and taller beds have more storage space and, depending on the design, these could be just drawers or include one or two cupboards as well.

You might think that a captains bed will look very traditional, rather like an antique in design with a nautical theme and old style carvings, and indeed it can, although it is not the only design available.  The traditional design is ideal for anyone who likes the idea of sleeping in a bed similar in style to that of a ship’s captain, or indeed, for children who can pretend they are living life on the ocean.

Modern makers of beds now provide a wide range of designs to choose from as well as different types of wood and different colours.  Contemporary designs have taken the classical style bed as the template and updated it so it is more compact and also sleeker than the traditional type.  A more old-fashioned version is the cottage style, designed to appeal if you like country fashions and crafts, and these are a good fit with a room that has similar types of craft built wooden furniture.

The beds can come in a range of colours to suit practically any room’s colour scheme.  Traditionally they came in a wooden brown colour, and of course, this is still very much available, but other colours include white, royal blue, pink and red. 

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